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Tyndale (Rogers, Coverdale) Bible

The first English translation of the Scriptures from the original tongue; being: The Pentateuch and JONAS translated by W.T. 1530s; and rest of O.T. from Matthew's Bible (an edition by martyr John Rogers that compiled Tyndale's translation work after his martyrdom, likely being: Joshua thorow 2Chronicles and the remaining books from the Coverdale 1535 BIBLE.)

The New Testament is William Tyndale's Worms octavo 1526 edition with exception of Matthew till 22:12 that is instead his 1525 Cologne quarto fragment. (Also includes Divers extra text renderings from martyr Thomas Cranmer Authorised 1539 Great Bible edition bracketed in regular Italic text.)

The Olive Golden (variants) are from Mathew's 1537 Bible, and other later Tyndale editions (such as W.T. 1John exposition) that can be read as alternative verse renditions or other original spelling of the preceding word; while (Italicized) means that it can be read along with the text; same for (Dark Blue)(variants) that are from Miles Coverdale 1535 bible. And the (silver) are a few miscellaneous notes.

The rare text was originally in Chapter – Paragraph form and now is here with the word of Christ, the son of the living God, in red color, and justly devided into standard verse form; and brought into modern go-spelling while retaining the archaic and including divers edition's renderings as variants for edification sake (2005.)

The TRC – Tyndale (Rogers, Coverdale, Cranmer) bible restoration in modern go-spelling is given freely to the Public as a “witness” of Christ for personal use only. Permission is given for use in all non-lucre, non-commercial Scripture distribution endeavors provided the content is not altered. If you find any transcription error please report it to : valente@faithofgod.net

Glory be to the Everlasting Lord quickly returning on high.


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